Money and Financial Empowerment

      Knowledge is Power   

Financial Empowerment through Financial Literacy

Money and Finance were subjects rarely discussed in my classroom settings. Was it a deliberate act to keep the masses fiancially unempowered?

Perhaps... since knowing how money works and managing it alludes most people. Learning how to resolve debt, paying off a mortage early are topics that bankers don't want you to have knowledge of.

My mission:

Helping average people learn how to spend, save and plan for their future wisely

Repairing Your Credit

Higher rates on auto insurance, loans, and credit cards can be avoided and can be due to lower FICO scores stemming from payment deliquencies . Very few are able to repair their credit without paying large sums. I have entrusted partners on board who specialize in repairing credit before they ask for a fee.
This eliminates any monthly payments that add to your financial burdens.
Fix My Credit Now!

Budgeting 101 & Retirement Planning

Properly managing your income and expenses is a must for funding life events such as weddings, starting a family, college funds as well as retirement income . When there is more month than money...when that paycheck just doesn't stretch. Learning how to structure and prioritze the needs from immediate gratification wants goes a long way.

Financial tools can provide you with a snap shot of where the money goes and greatly assist in budgeting and creating a surplus to save with.

My workshops will explore various tools to keep you on track.